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Posted on April 12, 2016 at 8:00 PM

With the help of Lannon Rust - Owner & Wine Slinger- Rust Wine Company, Giancarlo Perez -Executive Chef and the Paso Robles Wine Region we have assembled the "Cru" and cracked open our wine fridge in order to help you celebrate your 2016 NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE DAY.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Brie, Grilled Peaches & Bacon Jam on Sourdough

Due to the creaminess of the brie, a lightly oaked, stainless steel or concrete chardonnay will help balance the peaches and bacon jam, while still adding enough complexity to leave your taste buds asking for more.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Havarti, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and Artichokes on Brioche

Paso's warm climate helps the roussane grape produce a richer and full bodied wine. A perfect match to this Mediterranean feel sandwich.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Beemster Mustard Cheese, Crisp Apples and Fresh Basil on French Baguette

Beemster mustard cheese is a mustard lover's dream come true! Paired with the aromatic characteristics and crispness of a Paso albarino your palette will thank you.


Sauvignon Blanc

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Gruyere, Caramelized Onions and Preserved Meyer Lemon Aioli on Dutch Crunch

With hints of ripe lemon, sauvignon blanc complements every flavor on this sandwich leaving you hoping that you have enough ingredients to make a second.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: St Andre Triple Cream, Za’atar Roasted Tomatoes and Pistachio Labne on Chalal

Viognier is a white fruity varietal, best known from the Rhône Valley of France but has thrived in Paso Robles. A fantastic pairing to st andre triple cream, roasted tomatoes, pistachio labne on chalal.




Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Taleggo, Smoked Cheddar, Jalapeno & Mint Jelly on Ciabatta

What better wine to complement the jalapeno & mint jelly with smoked cheddar than marsanne, which produces deeply colored wines that are rich with hints of spice.


Pinot Noir

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Swiss, Roasted Shitake, Baby Arugula & Romesco Sauce on French Baguette

Pinot Noir, one of the lighter red varietals, offers an earthy mushroom and truffle profile helping complement the melted swiss and roasted shitake mushrooms while the romesco sauce adds a bit of nuttiness and spice.




Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Manchego, Fire Roasted Peppers, Jamon Serrano & Membrillo on Sourdough

Grenache's spicy, berry-flavored notes is a perfect match to a manchego grilled cheese sandwich. Adding fire roasted peppers with jamon serrano & membrillo will leave you in a state of bliss.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Edam, Mozzarella, Crispy Parmesan, Walnut and Fig Jam on Chalal Bread

The syrah's bold mouth flavors taper off leaving a spicy peppery note that go well with the slightly salty or nutty flavors of the edam, the creaminess of the mozzarella and crispiness of the parmesan.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Central Coast Goat Gouda, Pepper Crusted Roast Beef and Pickled Onions on Dutch Crunch

Mourvedre is a full-bodied red wine that has an explosion of dark fruit, flowers like violet and herbaceous aromas of black pepper, thyme and red meat notes. When you pair mourvedre with the central coast goat gouda, pepper crusted roast beef and pickled onions you will send your taste buds into a blissful state of happiness.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Gouda, Calabrese Salame and Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade on Ciabatta

Gouda is a semi-soft cheese that is creamy and wonderful. The calabrese salame and castelvetrano olive tapenade really help bring out the fruit-forwardness and soft tannins of the merlot.




Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Oaxaca Cheese, Roasted Poblano, Crispy Chorizo & Avocado on Bolillo Bread



Oaxaca cheese is a white, semi-hard cheese, similar to un-aged monterey jack, but with a mozzarella-like string cheese texture, it is a wonderful cheese to pair with a GSM (Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre).

Cabernet Sauvignon

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Sharp Cheddar, black salt and roasted garlic on brioche

A full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of herbs and dark fruits is best paired with this grilled cheese. When paired with the sharp cheddar, the cabernet will help bring out the bold flavors of the sharp cheddar.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Pt Reyes Bleu , Fresh Honeycomb, Poached Pears & Balsamic Reduction on Multigrain

No Paso Robles wine list would be complete without a big jammy zin. The sweetness of the zinfandel will help balance the full flavor creamy layers of the pt reyes bleu.


Categories: Winery Features

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